Blandy’s 10 Year Old Madeira Sercial, Verdelho, Bual, Malmsey MIX (4x20cl)


Mix of 4 wines, Madeira, Portugal

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This special gift box contains four 20cl bottles of 10 year old Madeira from the four principal Madeira styles; Sercial, Verdehlo, Bual and Malmsey. From the Blandy family who have been making wines on the island since 1811, this would make a wonderful gift.

Additional information

Bottle size

4 x 20cl bottles

Grape Variety

Different grape variety per bottle:


Medeira Island, Portugal


A blend of wines with an average of 10 years

Cork or screwcap



19% ABV

Who makes this wine and where is it made

Madeira is fortified wine produced on Madeira island, off the coast of Morocco. Still made using the traditional Madeira production techniques it has for centuries and passed down through the generations. The wines are aged in the family’s winery in seasoned American barrels using the traditional ‘Canteiro’ system (named after the beams where the oak barrels are placed) where the wine is moved from the higher, warmer flors to the middle then cooler ground flors. Throughout this ageing process the wine evolves from predominantly primary fruit to tertiary dried characters.
Blandy’s have owned and managed their Madeira wine company since 1811 and are the only family of the original creators of the Madeira wine trade to do so. Michael and Chris Blandy ( 6th and 7th generation) continue to work for the company which is run by Chris. The Winemaker is Francisco Albuquerque

Tasting notes

Sercial: Almond and hazelnut characters dominate with lovely acidity and an impressive length.
Verdehlo: A bouquet of hazelnut with a crisp palate and vibrant acidity. Smoky notes on the finish and a little more depth than the Sercial.
Bual: Loaded with aromas of dried fruits, orange peel, and vanilla with figs and spiced walnuts on the palate. Such great balance between sweetness and acidity.
Malmsey: Marmalade and burnt sugar on the nose with a beautiful balanced palate of rich sweetness and acidity.

Drink dates

Drink now and will keep for many months in the fridge once opened.

Ideas for drinking/ food matching

Sercial: Serve chilled as an aperitif or with roasted nuts or with osyers or sushi.
Verdehlo: Great served chilled as an aperitif or with starters such as soups, oysters or pâté.
Bual: Match with foie gras and strong cheeses, fruit cake and other desserts
Malmsey:more of a dessert partner especially fruit, rich chocolate cake and cheeses



Technical Information

For all 4 Madeiras, Maceration occurs followed by fermentation with natural yeast at temperatures between 18°C – 21°C in tanks.
After around 7 days (Secial), 4 days (Verdehlo),3 days (Bual) and 2 days (Malmsey) fortification with 95% strength alcohol takes place, stopping fermentation at the desired sweetness level.
The wines were racked during the ageing and fined prior to bottling.
Residual Sugar (RS) Sercial – 48g/L
RS Verdehlo – 73g/L
RS Bual – 100g/L
RS Malmsey – 123g/L