JJ Prum Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Kabinett 2018 HALF (37.5cl)


White, Mosel, Germany

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JJ Prüm is one of the most revered wine Estates in the Mosel Valley, Germany and this seductive Kabinett Riesling is a knock out. It’s still a young wine, decant or pour into a jug before drinking to aerate it and open up all the beautiful apple and pear aroma and the JJ Prüm gentle hint of woodsmoke. The grapes are picked a little later than most along this stretch, which gives wonderful ripeness and intensity of fruit.

The Prüms have lived in the Wehlen area of the Mitel (middle) Mosel, South West Germany since the 12th century. Winemaking reins have been handed down through the generations with Manfred (grandson of Johann Josef Prum after whom the estate is named) now running the business with his Grandaughter Katharina. Graacher Himmelreich is one of the top vineyard plots in the Mosel Valley situated on steep, slatey soils nestled high above the river. The Estate prides itself on its meticulous winemaking and is shrouded by secrecy as few people have been allowed to visit part of the cellars! Drink this as an aperitif or partner with pork belly, fish and chips or vegetable stirfy. 9% ABV.


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9% ABV



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Half Bottle (37.5cl)