Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Alcohol Free Riesling BOTTLE (75cl)


Alcohol-free White Wine, Germany

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This delicious alcohol-free white wine is made from the Riesling grape by the wonderful Rheingau producer Leitz who is renowned as one of Germany’s top producers. The Leitz family have been making wine here since 1744 and Johannes Leitz has grown the winery considerably over the past four decades. He has always put producing wines with great freshness and top quality as his priority and this alcohol-free wine is no exception. A vacuum distillation system has been used under a low pressure to remove the alcohol from this wine without sacrificing any of the natural Riesling flavour.

This wine has a fresh, citrus aroma of limes and lemons with a touch of green apple too.  It makes a great aperitif or match with a range of seafood dishes or salads, light Thai dishes too.