Wohlmuth Kitzeck-Sausal Sauvignon Blanc 2019 HALF (37.5cl)


White, Styria, Austria

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This is different from a fruity, intense Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand or Chile. It has notes of green pepper, often found in Austrian wines, as well as wet stones or rocks. It’s delicious but the natural acidity is high so we’d recommend decanting or pouring into a jug to aerate the wine and reveal it’s passionfruit and citrus character.

This wine was made by Gerhard Wohlmuth who has been awarded Austria’s winemaker of the year in the past. The Sausal sub-region within Sudsteiermark, Styria in South Austria is blessed with a mediterranean-style climate,  slate soils that are perfectly suited for wine production and vineyards planted on terraces at up to 650m above sea level, which cool the temperatures and ensure a very refreshing style of wine. The wines are also Organic and certified as ‘Austrian Sustainable’. The appellation of Kitzeck-Sausal boasts some of the steepest vineyards in Europe with an average gradient of 80% so a real labour of love has gone into each bottle. Gerhard Wohlmuth has a love of art, hence each wine and vintage having one of his paintings on the label. A great match for crunchy green vegetables, thai dishes and un-dressed seafood. 12.5% ABV.


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12.5% ABV

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Half Bottle (37.5cl)