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The world of wine is very easy to get into but very difficult to master, and so many people end up treading in the shallow end rather than truly deepening their understanding of wine. There is such a huge variety of wine available on the market today that it can be very difficult to know where to start, how to tell the difference between good wine and great wine, and whether a certain wine is good or if its maker just has a big advertising budget. That is why we at The Little Fine Wine Company made it our mission to help our customers broaden their horizons, and to genuinely learn more while they do it.

The Little Fine Wine Company is a real insider with its ear to the ground, always on the hunt for new fine wines you may not have heard of before, as well as less known classics that are still producing some of the best wines in the world. Our range includes fine wines of all styles, vegan wines, as well as a selection from all over the world, incorporating some of the best known and loved wine producing regions in Italy, France, and Spain; including highly rated New World wine producers in California, Australia and South Africa; and introducing some up-and-coming regions like Germany, England and Austria. We follow the flavour, not the brand name, and we stock wine we believe is exceptional whether that is from the biggest names in the business or small-batch seasonal producers with just one small vineyard to their name. Shop wine by country and see the huge selection of fine wine we stock from all over the globe.

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Here at The Little Fine Wine Company our stock list includes wines of all different styles and varieties, from all the major types of wine down to specific combinations of grapes and the various terroirs that they are produced in. From Chardonnay and Sauvignon-Blanc to Reisling and Malbec, we have an excellent selection of the best-known reds and whites, as well as port wines, sparkling wines, rose and even alcohol free. As well as all the best-known types, we also stock some of the biggest and most well-regarded brands such as the French wine estates Chateau Saint-Esprit, as well as relative newcomers like Rauzan-Segla, while we also stock less familiar brands from around the world like English winemakers Nyetimber and Exton Park. Shop by styles of wine and find the perfect wine.

Fine Wine for Sale

The Little Fine Wine Company was founded by Master of Wine Vicki Stephens-Clarkson, a buyer in the wine industry with over 20 years of experience and a wealth of industry knowledge, as well as the contacts to sniff out the best and most exciting wines in the world. We specialise in small bottles of wine and half bottles of fine wine designed to give you a taste of the world’s wines, and we firmly believe that the best way to expand your knowledge of wines is to taste as widely and extensively as possible. Thanks to our deep knowledge and our connections with winemakers big and small around the world, we can help our customers choose truly new and different wines that are as interesting as possible, so you will always pick something that has a story to tell.