Half Bottles of Red Wine

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Showing 1–12 of 96 results

Half Bottles of Red

Red wine is probably the most popular type of wine in the world and the red wine half bottles we offer are certainly a popular choice when it comes to our selection of wine half bottles alongside our selection of half bottles of rose wine. Most measures show us that reds take up the majority of the spots in the top ten list of best-selling varieties. It is well known as a warming tipple in cold winter climates, but it is also a great accompaniment to a variety of dishes that you can enjoy all year round: From a nice Florentine Bistecca on a sunny terrace in Tuscany, to a hearty pub lunch by a warming fire. That is why we have such a great range of half bottle red wines to choose from, but it is also why we have taken the time to go off the beaten track and find some examples you might not have heard of that can redefine how you see wine. It is also why The Little Fine Wine Company specialise in half bottle red wine, allowing you to get all that diversity of taste without spending a fortune and without wasting a drop.

So, what types of half bottle red wine do we have to offer? Well, it is our mission to help you not only enjoy and appreciate red wine to the fullest, but also to learn and increase your knowledge about wine, further than the wine list at your favourite restaurant. While some sellers keep their provenance vague, often so they can sell blended wine made from all kinds of different grapes, we always make sure to let you know exactly where and how a wine is made, and who made it. We stock all the most famous wines such as Montagne Saint Emilion, Bekaa Valley Wines, Antinori Tignanello, Rioja and Red Zinfandel, as well as some that are less well known.

Red Wine

Put simply, red wine is made from dark-skinned rather than light-skinned grapes. The grapes are harvested, pressed, and fermented to allow tannins to add to the mix, which give red wine its distinctive colours and flavours. Beyond that, there is a huge variety of grapes and techniques out there that form nearly infinite varieties, though there are a few types you will see more often when it comes to half bottles of red wine, such as:

Half Bottle Shiraz

A very popular wine from our selection of half bottles of red wine is the Shiraz. A grape with feet in the old world and the new world, while it is famously grown in the Rhone Valley region of France it is perhaps best known as a product of California and Australia, where you will find every style of wine made with it. From light and fruity wines to denser and more tannic versions, it is probably one of the most versatile grapes available, giving you plenty of choice.


Zinfandel is usually more famous as a white wine grape and we do sell half bottles of white wine from this grape. But Red Zinfandel is becoming increasingly popular as a grape for red wine, and while it is grown all over the world and has its origins on the Adriatic Sea, it is best known as a Californian variety. The Napa Valley built its fortune on the back of this grape, known for producing wine that is deep red and sweet, while other kinds are almost like port in their thickness.

Pinot Noir

The best feature of Pinot Noir is also its worst, and that is that it is heavily influenced by the region it is grown in. While some grapes are reliable everywhere, the soil and conditions must be just right to get what you want out of Pinot Noir, which also makes it tremendously versatile. This also makes it a favourite of smaller, artisanal vineyards that are trying to achieve a very specific flavour.

What Else Goes into Half Bottles of Red Wine?

If the grape varieties are limited, then what makes different red wines so special? What is the difference between a big brand like Cotes du Rhone and a single variety artisanal bottle? What makes red wines special is the terroir, which is the quality that small differences in the conditions a grape is grown in makes to the final taste. These can be subtle, or they can be vast, with the same grape producing alternately light and fruity or thick and tarry wine depending on where it is grown. Everything from soil PH and the air temperature has an effect, which can make knowing your wines from each other a challenge. That is where we come in at The Little Fine Wine Company, equipping you with all you need to know so you can make informed decisions. As well as providing you with the opportunity to try a variety of wines with our half bottle wine selection.