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Showing 1–12 of 35 results

Mixed case wine

The world’s wines aren’t supposed to be viewed in isolation, and while we may all have our favourites from each region or country or type, they’re all part of a wider ecosystem of wine that connects one with the other. Whether it’s two wines that are made from the same type of grapes but on different continents, or wines made a few miles apart that have a totally different terroir, you can’t possibly understand the place that one wine has in relation to another unless you have a deeper knowledge. A great way to acquire that knowledge is through our mixed wine cases, which includes half bottles of wine, full bottles of wine, all styles and several wines that are grouped based on a theme that delivers real insight into their differences and similarities, no matter how related they may seem on the surface.

Handpicked Mixed Wine Cases

All of our mixed case wines are handpicked to pair other interesting and thematic wines to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, whether that’s a mix of wines that are from the same area or a mix of wines that are of the same type but from different parts of the world. This includes mixed case wines such as: great Italian wines; wines from the Bordeaux region; sparkling wines from around the world; red wines from around the world; and a selection of wines from Madeira. All of these are specially selected to show off the sheer variety that is possible even within a specific category or from a particular region, giving you a deeper understanding of the differences possible and the ways wines are made. Many of our wine cases are available as mix wine case 12 bottles and mix wine case 6 bottles, depending on the selection available. 

Our Mixed Case Mission

At The Little Fine Wine Company our mission is to help people to better understand wine and how it is made, so that you can really get under the skin of the wine industry and acquire a deeper knowledge and appreciation for it. That’s why we have hand selected these wines to go in our mixed wine cases, because we believe we have chosen pairings that really show the possibilities that you can explore in the various regions and types of wine, and the many different possibilities within. Due to everything from the types of grape they use to the terroir of the specific vineyard, all the way to the season the grapes are harvested in and they way that they are processed, you can achieved radically different things even among wines produced in similar ways or in similar parts of the world – and our mixed wine cases can help to demonstrate that.

Our founder and Master of Wine Vicki Stephens-Clarkson has more than 20 years of experience as a wine buyer and extensive knowledge and contacts from around the winemaking world, which is how we are able to source the best wines from large scale producers, as well as hidden gems from artisanal and small-batch vineyards. By bringing all that knowledge and expertise to bear on our product range, we can pass that breadth of choice on to you, and ensure you only have the most interesting and novel mixed wine case deals to choose from.