By Bottle Size

Wine by Bottle Size

When it comes to shopping for wines by the bottle size, bottles can come in a wide range of different shapes as well as sizes, with each wine having its own unique bottle profile and overall aesthetic. Each of these contains its own combination of grapes and terroirs in order to provide you with a distinct and exciting taste for your palette. From the traditional red, white, and rose wines to the sparkling and alcohol-free versions, there is so much to choose from all over the world when buying wines by the bottle size.

Here at the Little Fine Wine Company, we stock a few types of wine when it comes to shopping for wine by the bottle size. The main types of bottles, these being the ‘Very Little’ 20cl bottle, 37.5cl half bottle and 75cl full bottles. However, in the world of wine, there is a host of different bottle names, all with their own unique nicknames. Some of the most inventive of these are the demi bottles, more commonly referred to as half bottles, magnums wine bottles or magnums of champagne which are equivalent to two bottles at 1.5 litres and the immense size of the Solomon bottles, which can be up to 18 litres in capacity.

Half Bottles

Half bottles, as you can probably discern from its name, are half the size of regular-sized bottles, coming in at 375ml. These are signatures here at the Little Fine Wine Company, introducing you to a range of different and new tastes as well as allowing you to train your palette and broaden your horizons when it comes to unique vinified beverages. These smaller bottles allow you to test out some of the most prestigious brands from the highest quality vineyards, all whilst enjoying them in a more leisurely manner. Each one of our fine selection of half bottles of wine will allow you to get 2 full regular standard pours of 150ml out of each bottle, with a bit left over to add to your collection.

We stock a very broad selection of wines as we believe when you are shopping for half bottles of wines by the bottle size it gives you the chance to select multiple options and test new flavours from all over the world.

Full Bottles

Full bottles of wine come with a standard 750ml capacity, which allows you to get 5 full pours of 150ml out of each bottle. Full bottles are ideal when it comes to sharing a wine out to multiple people, however, can also be great if you already know your preferred tastes or brands. Once again, we select all of our full bottled wines from some of the highest quality brands and vineyards to give you a wide range of wines to choose from when selecting to shop for our full bottles of wine by the bottle size, steering away from the mass-produced and blended compositions, ensuring your palette can touch some of the most amazing flavours spanning from different regions all over the world.

Very Little & Large Bottles of Wine

Should you purely be wanting to test out a wine and the flavours it can offer your pallet, then the very little bottles of wine we offer at the Little Fine Wine Company could be the ideal choice for you. Due to them only being 200ml or 20cl in capacity, these only allow you to get one full pour out of them, leaving a small amount over. However, this makes them ideal for sampling new products without having to break the bank on a brand-new full bottle. In turn, you can discern which ones you favour, as well as opening you up to a host of different wines. On the other hand, we also stock some of very large bottles of wine. These are 300cl in size and provide a great alternative to buying a regular bottle. As well as this, they are great for events and sharing with friends or family.