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Magnum Bottles Of Wine

Wine has long held a special place in our culture, as a symbol of celebration, sophistication and shared moments between loved ones. Among the vast range of sizes  of bottles of wine, magnum bottles stand out as a grand gesture of taste and celebration. Holding up to twice the volume of standard wine bottles, magnum wine bottles are more than just larger containers for wine; they embody a sense of extravagance and an appreciation for the art of winemaking.

Their history, benefits and the grandeur they bring to any special occasions make them a popular choice among wine enthusiasts. So whether you’re planning a milestone or planning to age a special bottle, a magnum is sure to enhance the experience and leave a lasting impression!

What Are Magnum Bottles Of Wine?

The term ‘magnum’ derives all the way back to the Latin word for ‘great’ within the context of wine, it symbolises a bottle is larger than the average 750ml size. These stunning bottles will usually consist of up to 1.5 litres of wine and have been around for centuries. Its origins can be traced all the way back to the sunny regions of France in the 18th century, these crafty French winemakers soon discovered that larger bottles provided better ageing conditions for their wines, as the larger volume will allow for a slower and more controlled overall maturation.

Magnum wines have become a natural choice for lots of special occasions whether that be a wedding, christening or a family or friends get-together. Their impressive size makes a statement that cannot be achieved by an average bottle of wine, creating an air of festivity and extravagance. Sharing a stunning bottle of magnum wine will be sure to elevate any sort of gathering! 

Not only are magnum wines ideal for gatherings and celebrations but these wines have one of the best ageing potentials that you can find on the wine market, magnum wines tend to age a lot more gracefully due to the larger volume-to-surface ratio they have. Wine inside these huge bottles are often exposed to far less oxygen which will result in a more slowed down ageing process, this will often lead magnum wines to developing far more complex flavours and smoother textures over time. So if you happen to have a wine that you’re planning to cellar for a few years, always consider buying it in a magnum format rather than the average bottle, the extended ageing potential ensures that your investment will yield a more rewarding and mature wine in the end.

Magnum Wines At The Little Fine Wine Company

Here at The Little Fine Wine Company, we know that magnum bottles are definitely not limited to a specific type of wine, and you can find them for reds, whites and even sparkling wines. Some of our most popular include the Nyetimber Blanc De Blancs 2014 magnum which engulfs you with a delicate cloud of fine and persistent bubbles, these bubbles create a lively and effervescent experience when the wine is poured into the glass, similar to what you would expect from a high-quality champagne. At Little Fine Wine Company we don’t just offer our wine in magnums or average sized bottles, we also have a beautiful array of half bottle champagne, half bottle wines and crisp half bottle white wines for you to enjoy! We hope that you can raise your glass to that!