Fathers Day Wine Gifts

Father’s Day Wine Gifts

Every year, fathers day rolls around, and that same old problem seemingly springs up. “What can I get my dad”? Suddenly you’re helplessly scouring the internet and shops in the hopes that something catches your eye before it’s too late. However, fear not, as the Little Fine Wine Company has a superb option any father could be happy to receive; that being wine. Whether a frequent drinker or a more casual indulger for special occasions, whose dad doesn’t love a drink? And when it comes to wine, it’s a bit fancier than just a regular bottle of beer or cider.

Not only are there a host of different flavours and types to choose from, but due to wine getting even better with age, there is no pressure to drink it straight away. Therefore, should they choose to leave it unopened, it can truly be a timeless gift. In addition to all this, a nice bottle doesn’t look bad either, meaning the chosen bottle can be a prized display, whether it’s on a shelf or simply in the middle of the dining table.

Father’s Day Red Wine Gifts

One of the most popular variations you can choose from is the classical, tried and tested red wine. Reds Wines are some of the most popular due to the great variety on offer and the amazing tastes they come paired with. Wine itself comes with this aura of sophistication and general classiness, and this type of wine is no exception. Consequently, red wine can be an ideal gift, especially for fathers day.

If you’re looking for a more fruity red, then the unaged purple wines are ideal. The ruby shade of red wines are great for if you want a taste that is still juicy yet offers a subtle tone of spice mixed in. Garnet reds offer a more complex savoury note due to these wines being aged in oak, and, therefore, are great choices for more established, and self-proclaimed wine considers. Softened in their redness however, are Tawny red wines; aged for long periods in oak. These wines are smoky and sweet in their flavour, still offering hints of fruitiness. These are just the basics of red wine, proving there is so much to choose from when it comes to these. Whether it be a half bottle of red wine or a full bottle, we have you covered.

Father’s Day Gifts for Wine Lovers

However, should you not be able to decide between the expansive collection of wines we offer at the Little Fine Wine Company, we also have some great gift options which could be ideal for Father’s Day specifically. One of these amazing options includes our mixed wine cases. Some of these options are country based, featuring a collection of the finest wines from some of the most renowned regions. Whether it’s the native vinified beverages in British Isles Hamper or the more exotic drinks included in the Italian mixed cases, each one offers a number of different wines, each one having its own distinctive tastes, flavours and overall stories.

On the other hand, if you have a couple of different wines in mind but can’t choose one specifically, why not go all out for the ones you love and create your own wine hamper? Choose between a 14-inch or 16-inch traditional wicker hamper and fill it with a range of different wines from all over the globe. Taking into consideration that all the wines on offer at the Little Fine Wine Company are hand-picked purely based on their quality, you can ensure all the possible options and variations to pick from are top of the range!

Even better is that these hampers also come with some traditional nibbles, including specific cheeses, chutneys and even sweet-covered truffles in order to get the full wine-tasting experience.