Austrian Wine

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What Is Austrian Wine?

Austrian wine is produced in the sunny country of Austria, a landlocked country located in Central Europe. Austrian wine is blessed with a rich history and a growing reputation for producing some of the very best, high-quality wines that showcase the country’s diverse terriers and grape varieties. Austrian wine has gained recognition on the international stage for its quality and diversity. The country's wines are increasingly sought after by a vast number of wine enthusiasts around the world, making Austria an exciting and dynamic player within the global wine industry, truly taking wine-making by storm! 

Austrian wine is made using various winemaking techniques that emphasise the quality and characteristics of the grape varieties and terriers in different Austrian wine regions. The winemaking process within Austria follows many of the same principles used in other European wine-producing countries, but it also incorporates some unique practices that aren’t seen anywhere else.

Austrian wine typically goes through the same crucial grape harvesting that ensures the grapes have reached the optimal ripeness they need to produce a high quality wine. Austrian winemakers carefully monitor grape maturity, and harvesting is typically done by hand to select only the best grapes. In the case of sweet wines, grapes may be harvested later on to allow for noble rot which develops concentrating sugars and flavours. 

Austrian Wine Types 

Austria offers a wide range of different types of wines with its production of red wine and white with an emphasis on Austrian white wine. Austria has produced some of the most iconic and famous white wines that have excelled globally due to its excellent vineyards, which makes so many of them internationally recognisable to wine enthusiasts.

Some of the most recognisable and high-quality wines include Riesling. A prominent white grape variety in Austria, known mostly for its aromatic and expressive character. Austrian Riesling will often showcase zesty notes of lime, green apple, sweet honey and minerality. Typically, these wines can vary between being dry, dry-off or sweet, depending on the winemaker's style and region.

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Austrian Wine Regions 

Austrian wine regions are some of the best across the globe! One of the most prominent regions in Austria is Burgenand. Located in the eastern part of Austria, Burgenland is known for its red wine production, particularly from varieties like Zweigelt, Blaufrankisch and St Laurent and produces some of the very best wine in Austria. This particular region is also famous for its sweet and dessert-like wines that give off that iconic luxurious taste that can be hard to find elsewhere in Europe.