Half Bottles of Rose Wine

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Half Bottles of Rose

Rose Wine is one of the smaller markets at only 9% of the total wine industry, but this is a figure that continues to grow rapidly as more and more people embrace the trend and opt for the pink and refreshing drink. At The Little Fine Wine Company, we sell a wide range of half bottles of rose wine, which gives you the opportunity to spend less while getting a wider range of wines to taste. We want to help people to learn more about the wine they drink and why they like what they do, so let us look at the story behind Rose.

Rose looks a bit like a mix between red and white wine, and it is in a sense, because it is created by keeping the grape skin on for a very short time during the fermentation process, this short timespan allows the red colour of the grape skin to seep into the wine just a little. This creates that recognisable pink tinge you always notice, regardless of it being a half bottle rose wine or full.

Types of Rose Wine

The half bottles of rose wine we sell are much sweeter than the half bottles of white wine and red wine on the whole but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some variety. You can also get dry, medium-dry, fruity, and medium-bodied Roses that can be paired with everything from desserts to barbecued meat for an exceptional flavour, that is why we stock a wide variety of half bottle rose wines. Overall, the fruitier types come from new world locations like California and Chile while the fuller bodied Roses come from France and Spain. Sparkling Rose is also an option and goes very well with seafood.

One of the reasons that Rose is so versatile is that it can be made using red or white grapes, or a combination of both, giving the vinter much more freedom when it comes to flavour. Commonly used grapes are Grenache, grown in hot dry parts of Spain and France, as well as Pinot Noir and White Zinfandel – particularly in California. This makes it very easy to create good pairings involving food and Rose wine brands like Chateu Du Seuil and Chateau Miraval, and it also creates great variation when it comes to terroir, so you can find a surprising amount of subtlety in a wine famed for easy drinking.

Rose Wine Half Bottles at The Little Fine Wine Company

At The Little Fine Wine Company we believe that it is important for you to know as much as possible about the half bottle wine you drink. It is how you come to learn exactly what it is you like about a certain wine, and while other sellers may be less forthcoming about where their wine originates, we celebrate it. Each rose wine bottle or rose wine half bottle is fully labelled with the name of the wine, the grapes used to make it and where it was made and who by. That way, not only can you be sure of its provenance, but you can also learn more about how wine is made and what goes into creating its flavours. As well as the grapes used and the techniques employed, terroir is an important factor behind the taste of a wine. That is the subtle differences in the soil type, the air quality and temperature and the amount of sun or frost a grape gets when it is grown that all decide how a wine taste.

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