Whispering Angel Rose 2022 HALF Bottle (37.5cl)


Rose, Provence, France

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Whispering Angel Rose Wine

Whispering Angel rose wine is a popular choice among wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs. The wine is produced by Chateau d’Esclans, a renowned winery in the Provence region of France. Chateau d’Esclans dates back to the 13th century when it was first mentioned in historical records. Over the centuries, the winery has earned a reputation for producing high-quality wines using traditional methods.

The town is situated in southeastern France, surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards. It is a popular destination for tourists and wine enthusiasts who enjoy the beautiful landscape and the region’s famous wines. La Motte en Provence has a rich history that dates back to the Roman era. The town was founded in the 4th century, and over the centuries, it has been home to a number of important historical figures. Today, the town is a popular destination for history buffs, who come to explore its many museums and historical landmarks. In addition to its historical attractions, La Motte en Provence is also known for its beautiful natural scenery. Rolling hills and forests surround the town, and it is a popular destination for hiking and outdoor activities.

This type of wine was introduced in 2006, and although the process of creating it has been around for much longer, it quickly rose in popularity thanks to its different notable aspects. Whether you buy a full-size bottle, a Whispering Angel mini bottle or a half bottle of this delectable Rose wine, you will be delighted by its notes and aesthetics. There is no excess of any flavour, with perfect balance throughout each tone of the wine.

The Finer Wine Details

Whispering Angel mini bottles are made using a blend of Grenache, Rolle, and Cinsault grapes, carefully selected from vineyards in the Provence region and is one of the finest wines from our half bottle of rose selection. The wine undergoes a long and complex vinification process, which helps to bring out its delicate flavours and aromas. The wine has a beautiful pale pink colour, with hints of strawberry and raspberry on the nose. The palate is fresh and crisp, with flavours of red berries and citrus. The wine gets its colour thanks to the delicate process used to create the wine. Different tones of wine include different levels of grape skin during the creation process – the lighter the wine, the less skin was used, and the less time the skin was left to sit in the mixture.

The wine has a balanced acidity and a long, lingering finish. It is the perfect french wine option to sip in the summer, thanks to its fruity tones, and the refreshing nature adds to this. In addition to the standard 750 ml bottle, Whispering Angel is also available in mini and half bottles. This makes the small bottle of wine an excellent choice for occasions when a full bottle may not be necessary or for those who want to try various wines. The Whispering Angel rose half bottle is a great option for those looking for a unique and thoughtful gift. It is the perfect gift for wine lovers.

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Wine Region

Southern France

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13% ABV

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Half Bottle (37.5cl)