Chenin Blanc

Exploring the rich tapestry of Chenin Blanc, the “queen of grapes”, originating from the picturesque vineyards of Loire Valley, France. The journey offered from Chenin Blanc is a vibrant burst of youth with gracefully aged expressions, revealing wonderful hints of green apple, pear, and a subtle minerality reflective of its terroir. Chenin Blanc is profound for its unparalleled adaptability, whether you’re looking for dry, off-dry, sparkling, or sweet forms, showcasing a spectrum of flavours from steely acidity and honeyed quince to ripe apricot and jasmine infused types of sweetness.

Chenin Blanc Character

As previously mentioned, what really sets Chenin Blanc apart from so many other grape varieties is its versatility. From bone-dry expressions that exude crisp acidity and delicate floral notes to lucious sweet nectars dripping with honeyed richness, Chenin Blanc offers something to cater to all tastes that tantalise every palate. Each and every sip tells a new story.

As we navigate through Chenin Blanc’s Diverse landscape we can encounter a whole range of unique styles of wine. Crisp and dry Chenin Blanc wines beckon with their refreshing acidity and subtle nuances , while off-dry and medium-sweet iterations offer a tantalising interplay of sweetness and acidity, perfectly complimenting spicy kinds of cuisines and creamy cheeses. For the connoisseur seeking out a decadent indulgence, noble sweet Chenin Blanc wines deliver an opulent experience, with layers of complexity and age-worthiness!

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Showing all 2 results