Upon the rolling hills in Portugal, the sun casts a golden glow over the vineyards where the scent of ripe fruits is hanging in the air is where you will find the wonderful grape variety- Perrum, soaking up the essence of the terroir and translating it into every single drop of wine that is produced from this grape variety!

Perrum, which is also known as Perruno or Perrum de Jerez, traces its roots all the way back to the vineyards of Spain, particularly in the Andalusian region. This wonderful, ancient grape variety has been cultivated for centuries, thriving in the warm Mediterranean climate and limestone-rich soils of southern spain.

Perrum Grape Variety Characteristics

Now, let’s talk about taste. Perrum wines often boast a vibrant array of flavours- think luscious tropical fruits just like pineapple and passionfruit, intertwined with zesty citrus notes and a hint of floral sweetness. It’s like a symphony of flavours on your plate, each sip revealing a whole new type of melody of flavours.

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