Piedmont Wine

The picturesque region of Piedmont is settled in the northwest corner of Italy and is a haven for wine enthusiasts who are seeking out the taste of elegance and tradition. Renowned for its rolling hills, historic castles, and by far most notably its exceptional wines, Piedmont has earned its place among the world’s premier wine-producing regions. Today we want to embark on a journey through the vineyards of Piedmont in order to explore the rich history, unique terroir and outstanding wines that make this region a true gem for wine connoisseurs!

Types Of Piedmont Wines

Barolo is often described to be the “King of wines”, this red wine is aged for a minimum of 38 months, known for its deep garnet colour, powerful tannins and complex flavour profile that dances around the tongue. The ageing process is often done in large oak casks and imparts a subtle balance of fruits, floral and earthy characteristics, making it a wine that is worth saving for the special occasions.

A famous counterpart to Barolo is Barbaresco, produced in a much smaller region. Though it’s similar to Barolo in grape variety and ageing requirements, Barbaresco will often exhibit a more approachable and elegant character. With a slightly shorter ageing period, Barbaresco wines tend to showcase a delicate balance of fruit and tannins, creating a unique wine that can still be enjoyed in its youth as well as still possessing the ability to age gracefully.

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