Joseph Drouhin Vosne Romanee 2018 HALF Bottle (37.5cl)


Red, Burgundy, France

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The appellation of Vosne Romanee in Burgundy is undoubtedly one of the most revered names in the wine world and records for the most valuable bottles ever sold are regularly made and broken here by highly acclaimed wines such as Romanee Conti and Richebourg. With a wealth of harmonious complexity and elegance, this example from Joseph Drouhin, made entirely from Pinot Noir is a great introduction to the character of this area. Dominated by notes of wild cherry, red fruits such as strawberries and developing characteristics of truffle and tobacco, this is a powerful wine which has an incredibly long finish. A sublime balance of body, acidity and flavour, it’s clear why wine bearing this title comes with such a reputation.

Joseph Drouhin, a Chablis native, arrived in Beaune at the heart of Burgundy in 1880 and founded the winery and negotiant business which is now in the hands of his four great grandchildren – Philippe, Veronique, Laurent and Frederic. It is believed the area gained its name over 2000 years ago when the then Roman Emperor Caesar enlisted local ‘Gaulic’ men for his army and upon their return rewarded them with vineyards. The subsequent generation named these vineyards Romanee in acknowledgment of their family’s heroics. An incredibly rewarding experience if enjoyed on its own, this also pairs superbly with a Cheese Souffle or Duck Confit. 13.5% ABV.

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13.5% ABV

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Half Bottle (37.5cl)