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This is a delicious dry white vermouth wine from St Austell Bay in Cornwall. It makes a great aperitif over ice, a very dry spritz with soda, or for cocktails, notably dry Martinis, a Gibson, Brooklyn or Perfect Manhattan.  The vermouth rosso and (sweet) white vermouth styles are popular too, either for a spritz or digestif over ice, or for cocktails Negronis, Manhattans or sweeter Martini (in the case of the sweet white vermouth).

Traditionally, vermouth is a fortified aromatised wine meaning a number of herbs and botanicals have been steeped in Eau de Vie; a neutral spirit, in this case distilled from the grape skins left over from the fermentation process and then added to a still base wine. Originally used for medicinal purposes in Asia for thousands of years, the process of blending herbs and botanicals with wine has evolved with the modern vermouths most commonly associated with Italy, though also becoming increasingly produced throughout Europe.

Knightor are a boutique winery producing small batches of still and sparkling wine alongside a range of vermouths. As the name suggests, in contrast to Knightor’s ‘White Vermouth’ which has a sweet finish, their Dry White focuses on notes of citrus, bitters and warming spices. Built around 31 different herbs and botanicals (many of which are found in and around the small estate in Cornwall) including wormwood, green cardamom, cinchona (quinine) and liquorice, this is absolutely packed with character. Rich notes of bergamot, seville orange and citrus balance with the natural freshness and crispness of the still base wine which is also used for the estates sparkling wines, and the refreshingly dry finish. At 15% ABV, this is best enjoyed either over ice or mixed with gin or vodka to make a classic martini.

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15.0% ABV

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Half Bottle (37.5cl)