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Showing all 12 results

An Introduction to Spanish Wines?

While Spain may not be the first name that springs to mind when talking about wine, it definitely should be up there. In Spain, there are over 2.9 million acres of planted wine grapes and vineyards, and this huge amount of native grapes is the main reason for the popularity of Spanish winemaking. There are many variations of Spanish red wine, Spanish white wine, and Spanish sparkling wine.

If you have tried wine before, more specifically Spanish wine, then you may be familiar with some of these region names. Rioja is the most important wine region in Spain, lying in the North of the country. Andalucia is known for its production of Sherry – a fortified wine – and is another well-known name in the Spanish wine industry. Catalonia is a famous tourist area in Spain, as well as becoming one of the most infamous Spanish wine regions, and areas such as Madrid and Valencia are known for many reasons, including winemaking.

At The Little Fine Wine Company, we have plenty of Spanish red wine, Spanish sparkling wine, and Spanish white wine. These options are available to anyone who is interested in trying wines, or anyone who has tried wine but wants easy access to their favourite Spanish wines.

Spanish Wine Types

At this point, we have introduced you to Spanish wines and the background behind each type of wine, but in the next sections, we will dive deeper into the specific types of wines, and the products we include for each range. These will be split into Spanish white wine, Spanish red wine, and Spanish sparkling wine. There are 14 options available on our site, in varying prices and from various regions of Spain.

Spanish Red Wine

Out of the 14 Spanish wines on our site, 8 are Reds. A large majority of these Spanish red wine variants come from Rioja, as this is the most well-known producer of Spanish wines, and is the main reason they are 2nd in the list for highest annual wine production, behind Italy, but ahead of France. The most popular Red wine on site is the 2018 Cune Rioja Crianza half bottle, which sells for just £6.95. Other options include the Tondonia from 2009, the Izadi from 2018, and Arzuaga Ribera del Duero Crianza in 2018.

Spanish White Wine

White wine is not massively produced in Spain compared to Red, so we only have one form of Spanish white wine to offer on our site. While there is only one option, this option is the best on the market. For £9.50 per half bottle, the 2020 Martin Codax Albarino is one of the finest white wines from the Spanish wine region of Galicia. You will not be disappointed by the taste of this bottle.

Spanish Sparkling Wine

Spain is known for one of the most popular forms of sparkling – although classed as fortified – wines, Sherry. On The Little Fine Wine Company site, we offer a few variations of the infamous Sherry. The first option is the Valdespino Don Gonzalo Dry Oloroso from Jerez; a dry sherry variant that is priced at £24.95 for half a bottle. For £7.95, you can buy a half bottle of La Guita Manzanilla Dry Sherry, or look at the fortified Lustau Palo Cortado Dry Sherry for £12.50.

We stock fine wines from all over the globe, view our complete range by shopping for Wine by Country at The Little Fine Wine Company.