Fortified Wine, Port & Sherry

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Showing all 5 results

Half Bottles of Port, Sherry and Friends

Fortified wines such as Port and Sherry are categorised as having distilled spirits put in during the winemaking process. These drinks are known to have a higher alcohol content and a longer shelf life because of this. 

The half-bottle Port, Sherry and other fortified wine products that we offer at the Little Fine Wine Company offer the opportunity to buy these drinks in smaller portions and provide a nice alternative to a half bottle red wine. Each small bottle of port or Sherry on site contains 37.5 cl of wine, making them great for tasting without opening a large 70cl bottle. 

Specifically, the products on the site include small bottles of Sherry, Port, Vermouth and other fortified wines. Despite all being fortified wines, there are some big differences in the small bottle of port, sherry and other products on the site. 

  • Port is traditionally produced in Portugal and fortified with Brandy during fermentation before being aged in a barrel for years, giving it a higher alcohol content. 
  • Sherry is a product of Spain and is usually fortified after the fermentation process and then aged in a solera system.
  • Vermouth is a fortified wine flavoured with herbs, spices and botanicals giving it a sweeter flavour and lower alcohol content than Port and Sherry. 

Sherry Half Bottles

The half bottles of Sherry we offer on-site are all 37.5 cl in size and provide a great taster bottle for those new to fortified wines. One such popular small bottle of Sherry available is the Valdespino Don Gonzalo Dry Oloroso half bottle that is produced in Jerez, the home of sherry in Spain.

Half bottles of Port at The Little Fine Wine Company

There is a great half bottle of port selection available on site, with this being one of the most popular fortified wine varieties. All of these half bottles of port contain 37.5 cl of wine from a variety of winemakers based in the Douro region of Portugal, a place renowned for its production of Portuguese Wine.

The varieties on offer include the Quinta do Infantado Ten Year Old Tawny half bottle of port, which is a great middle-ground for those looking to try a different bottle of port. If you’re looking for a cheaper small bottle of port to try out, the Graham's Late Bottled Vintage is a great way to try port for the very first time. Those looking for an older port with a stronger flavour could try out the Taylor’s Vintage 2003 half bottle of port, a great option for the more experienced port drinker.

Another fortified wine variety you can try out at The Little Fine Wine Company is Madeira, which is similar to port in the way it is fortified with Brandy and comes from Portugal. The ageing process of Madeira results in a highly concentrated and flavourful wine. We have a box of 4 small Madeira bottles available on-site; each bottle is only 20cl and contains Madeira made with a different variety of grapes.

If you fancy something different to what we have available here, why not visit our full selection of half bottles of wine.