Half Bottle of White Wine

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Showing 37–48 of 57 results

Half Bottles of White

Deciding which half bottle of white wine to drink can be a polarising choice for some, and while some people will drink nothing else, others crave the body and depth of a half bottle of red wine. But that is just because they have not drunk the right half bottle white wine yet! It is a big problem for wine lovers, because most people just do not have enough knowledge to know what they really like, but at The Little Fine Wine Company we are correcting that one bottle at a time. Our half bottle white wines are available in half bottles because we want you to be able to try more options without breaking the bank or wasting wine, drinking less but drinking better, which lets you really get your teeth into this exciting style of wine.

It is a myth that red and white wines are always made from different grapes, and while there are some that work better with a particular style, many grapes work well with both. The big difference is that white wine grapes have the skin removed before fermentation, which is what makes white wine almost transparent – the different tastes are then achieved by altering the fermentation process. For example, stopping fermentation early yields a sweeter white, while a second fermentation makes it fizzy.

Types Of White Wine

One of the things that makes white wine popular is the sheer variety of options available to the consumer, and whether you like your wine tart, or sweet, or fizzy, or easy to drink – there is bound to be a type of white wine with qualities that a red wine might not have. Sweet white wine is higher in sugar than dry white wine, while sparkling white wine has its own natural fill trapped under the cork caused by gases released during fermentation. There is also fortified wine, which has extra alcohol added for a bigger punch.

Many of the most famous grape varieties have both red and white versions of the same grape, meaning many of the names are the same between red and white wines, but there are also some iconic varieties that make only white wine. Some of the more famous half bottles of white wine include:

Sauvignon Blanc

Most famous as a French and Italian variety, though also popular in New Zealand, this makes a notoriously sweet wine that pairs well with local delicacies such as fish and cheese. The Sauvignon Blanc flavour depends on the climate it is grown in but varies from fruity in hot countries to fresh and floral in cooler climates. If you are thinking about giving a half bottle of white wine a try, why not look at one of our most popular white wines Isabel Estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc half bottles.


Probably the most widely grown white wine in the world is chardonnay, it can be found wherever wine is produced thanks to its hardy character and ability to grow in cooler climates. It can thrive and produce different flavours almost anywhere, producing tropical notes in very hot climates and fruity ones in cooler places. At The Little Fine Wine Company, we have an excellent range of Chardonnay within our selection of white wine half bottles and if you are thinking about trying, we would recommend the Joseph Faiveley Bourgogne Chardonnay half bottle.

Chenin Blanc

Found originally in France’s Loire valley, French immigrants spread it to the new world where it found favour in South Africa and Australia. Relatively neutral in character, the main advantage of this grape is that its neutrality allows the local terroir to be better appreciated than in more flavoursome wines. We would recommend the Marc Bredif Vouvray 2019 Half Bottle if you would like to try a Chenin Blanc from our white wine half bottle range.

The Little Fine Wine Approach

With so many differences to take account of, and so much information, it is little wonder that most people struggle to keep up. That is why at The Little Fine Wine Company we do things differently. We keep you informed of everything about the half bottle white wines you taste, including the grape and where it is produced and by whom, so you can make informed decisions in future.

With over 60 half bottles of white wine to choose from at The Little Fine Wine Company we are sure we will have one to suit your taste buds, favourite meal, corporate event, or special occasion. If you are looking for something a little different we have a huge range of half bottles of wine to choose which includes half bottles of champagne and much more.