New Zealand Wine

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Showing all 9 results

An Introduction to New Zealand Wines

While New Zealand is not one of the most well-known countries for creating wine, they definitely have a few names that may be recognised by avid wine drinkers. Countries such as France and Italy have much higher numbers of vineyards and produce a great amount of wine, but the people of New Zealand have perfected the art of winemaking, and this definitely shows in the products we have on offer for New Zealand wine.

Some of the top locations in this country, whether it is for New Zealand red wine or New Zealand white wine, have memorable names to match. Perhaps the most infamous of these is Marlborough, which produces both white and red wines, and managed to make a name for itself as the top winery in New Zealand for good reason. Marlborough is located on the South Island, towards the northeast of this destination.

Another notable area of New Zealand that produces wine is the Kumeu River region in Auckland, New Zealand. We have a few wines from this location available which you can shop for by visiting out By Country section of the site.

New Zealand Wine Types

Now, let’s take a deeper dive into the options available on our site. While there are only 7 options of New Zealand wine at The Little Fine Wine Company, we can guarantee that these 7 have been hand-picked, and are the best of the best. We have divided these into three sections, New Zealand red wine, New Zealand sparkling wine, and New Zealand white wine.

New Zealand Red Wine

There are two red wine options available from our New Zealand wine selection. Both have been crafted and bottled in Marlborough, the infamous location mentioned earlier. The first of these, Ata Rangi Crimson Pinot Noir, is a 2019 bottle of red wine that is sold for £14.50 per half bottle on our site. The other New Zealand red wine option is the Greywacke Pinot Noir, also from 2019, which sells for £19.95 per half bottle.

New Zealand White Wine

Turning our attention to the New Zealand white wine options, the other 5 on the page are within this bracket. Starting off with our most popular white from New Zealand, Greywacke Wild Sauvignon Blanc, a bottle from 2019 which sells for £15.50 per half bottle. Next up, for just £9.95 per half bottle, is the 2021 Isabel Estate Sauvignon Blanc. This is followed by three different Kumeu River bottles, two from the Mate’s Vineyard area and one from Hunting Hill. All three of these bottles are Chardonnay’s, ranging in price, with the lowest 2019 bottle priced at £31.95, and the two 2020 bottles priced at £35.95 and £21.95 per half bottle.

New Zealand Sparkling Wine

We do not stock or offer any specific sparkling wines in our New Zealand wine collection, although there are some options available elsewhere. We have sparkling wine from other areas, such as our French Wine and Argentinian Wine selection, but we focus more on the red and white wines produced by our friends in New Zealand.