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Showing all 8 results

Rose Wines

If you are looking for something on the lighter tasting side, one of our 75cl rose wines or half bottles of rose could just be the one for you. This type of wine has gained tremendous popularity in recent years due to its refreshing taste and versatility. Rose wine typically falls between red and white wines in terms of colour and flavour profile, making it a favourite choice for warm weather sipping and a vast range of food pairings. Even though rose wine is typically on the lighter side, they still offer a beautiful range of sweet to savoury to dry, giving it its iconic versatile nature.

What is Rose Wine?

Rose wine is one of the oldest wines on the market; emanating from the ancient Greeks who colonised France took advantage of the soil, grapes and climate in regions that today are known as Bordeaux and Marseille.

Rose wine typically has a famous pink to salmon hue, making it an easy wine to recognise and pick out from the crowd. The specific colour of rose wine depends on the grape variety that is used, the winemaking method, and the region of production. Traditionally, rose wine is created using red grapes and separating the juice from the skins immediately, resulting in that iconic pale-pink colour.

Saignee (or bleeding) is the method that is used to create rose wines and consists of some of the juice being ‘bled off’ from a batch of red wine during the early stages of fermentation. This then concentrates the remaining red wine and produces a rose as a by-product.

Rose Wine at The Little Fine Wine Company

We offer a wide variety of rose wines for you to choose from at The Little Fine Wine Company, all created with equally beautiful quality. Choose from customer favourites like Whispering Angel Rose or even our Rose Mix of 6 halves. Whether its full bottles of rose wine you are looking for or one of our small bottles of wine, we have something to offer everyone.