Wine Gift Subscription

Giving a gift subscription?

Subscriptions are monthly or every 2 months (payment is taken from your account each month or every 2 months depending on the subscription). With the exception of the Champagne & Sparkling subscription which is capped, our subscriptions are rolling (they continue until you cancel). To limit the number of payments/deliveries, email us at [email protected] and we’ll fix the end date, and email you confirmation. The gift subscription could be for one month, two months, three … whatever suits you.

Choose from two options:

  1. To send as a surprise: buy the subscription and add their name/address in the Shipping section at checkout. You can also add a delivery date and a personal gift message at checkout (Note: if sending the subscription as a surprise, do NOT tick ‘is this a gift subscription’ nor add their email address).  We’ll send the first case to the recipient and you will receive order confirmation and the first set of electronic tasting notes. Let us know if you would like them to manage their own subscription and receive tasting notes directly after the first surprise delivery  or
  2. They manage their own account from the start (but won’t know the cost of your original purchase): buy the subscription, tick ‘is this a gift’ and enter their email address. You will both be sent confirmation immediately and they will be asked to confirm their delivery address for their shiny new subscription!

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Showing all 5 results