Gift Subscriptions

Giving a gift subscription?

Subscriptions are monthly or quarterly, rolling (payment is taken from your account each month or quarter). *To limit the number of monthly or quarterly payments, email us at and we’ll fix the end date, and email you confirmation. The gift subscription could be for one month, one quarter, two months, two quarters, three … whatever suits you.

Choose from three options:

  1. For a surprise, sent now: buy the subscription but add their name/address in the Shipping section at checkout. We’ll send the first case to them straight away!  or
  2. They receive the subscription via email and manage their account (but won’t know the cost of your original purchase): buy the subscription and tick ‘is this a gift’, and enter their email address. They will be sent confirmation and asked to confirm their delivery address for their shiny new subscription! or
  3. You’d like to hand deliver the first gift at Christmas? buy the subscription and add your own name/address in the Shipping section at checkout. We’ll send you the case. Let us know if you’d like it to go to them directly for future subscription cases.

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Showing all 4 results