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Alcohol Free Wines

Wine has a rich history as a beverage cherished for its taste and tradition, and ability to compliment meals and celebrations. However some people do prefer to abstain from alcohol or are simply looking for an alternative to traditional wines, alcohol free wines have emerged as an intriguing and satisfying choice. Whether it be you want to hold off on the alcohol for health reasons or just switch up your lifestyle, we have plenty of alcohol free wines that taste just as good as the traditional version! So you can expect all of the usual exceptionally stunning flavours as our alcoholic collections without the alcohol content! 

What Is Alcohol Free Wine?

Alcohol-free wine, also known as non-alcoholic wine or dealcoholized wine, is crafted with the same grapes that are used in traditional winemaking so you still get the same distinctive and beautiful taste. The obvious primary difference in non alcoholic wine is the removal of the alcohol removal process, which ensures that the final product contains little to absolutely no alcohol.

The wine will go through the traditional process of any usual fermentation, as the grapes are harvested at the peak of ripeness, crushed and fermented, during this fermentation process, alcohol is produced naturally. Due to the natural production after fermentation, the wine will go through a de-alcoholisation process to remove any alcohol. 

There are several methods to create alcohol free wine, including vacuum distillation, reverse osmosis, and spinning cone technology. These methods reduce the alcohol content while preserving the wines iconic flavour and aroma compounds. 

Varieties Of Alcohol Free Wine

Much like any traditional wine, alcohol free wine comes in a variety of styles, catering to different tastes and preferences. You can expect to find all of the following wine types from red alcohol free wines that mimic all the flavours of traditional red wines, offering notes of dark fruits, spices and hints of luxurious oak.

All the way to Sparkling alcohol free wines, that just like the traditional type can be just as effervescent and celebratory, making it a great alternative choice for toasts and special occasions where there might be people who want to reduce or cut out their alcohol content.

Alcohol free wine is crafted to resemble its alcoholic counterparts in terms of flavour and aroma as closely as possible . While the absence of alcohol does alter the overall texture and mouthfeel slightly, it is nothing too noticeable. Many wine drinkers still find that it captures the essence of wine, offering the nuanced flavours and fragrances without the alcohol’s effects. 

Alcohol Free Wine At The Little Fine Wine Company

At The Little Fine Wine Company we believe in giving our customers the choice on whether or not they want alcohol or alcoholic free wine.

One of our best sellers includes Leitz Eins Zwei Alcohol Free Sparkling, this stunning German wine is bursting with all the usual zesty and citrus flavours you would expect, all without the alcohol content, making it perfect for celebrations or as a gift for loved ones. Browse our site today for all of your favourite alcohol free wines!