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The Little Fine Wine Company wins Decanter World Wine Award

The Little Fine Wine Company wins Decanter World Wine Award

Solely in the UK, there are over 50,00 different variations of wines you could possibly choose from. In turn, this makes it almost an impossibly difficult decision to pick the best and favourite one for you. However, here at the Little Fine Company, our main priority is to provide you with the best of the best half bottles of wine, separating you from the big-name mass-produced brands that can often charge over-the-top prices. From roses, reds and whites to sparkling and even non-alcoholic wines, we are always keeping an eye out for new high-quality variations in which we can add to our fine wine selection.

Coincidentally, the LIttle Fine Wine Company and its dedication to providing tasters with unfamiliar yet outstanding wines has resulted in us winning a number of rewards, including some from the prestigious Decanter World Wine Awards. Take a look below to find out why we continue to be amongst the best Wine Clubs currently out there!

The Little Fine Wine Company wins Decanter World Wine Awards Best Subscription Wine Club for the second year in a row

I founded the company in 2018, the website went live in 2019, and things went a little mad in 2020! The last year and a half have been a rollercoaster, but we’re really proud of the work we’ve done with the wine club and in introducing clients to fine wines in little bottles! We have several subscriptions, including a regional focus (a different wine region each month with an optional, free-of-charge tasting included). Subsequently, we managed to win the Best Subscription Wine Club award at the prestigious Decanter World Wine Awards, something we are incredibly proud of due to the short time period we have been operating. Most of all, big thanks to those who have supported us thus far; it’s been a pleasure!

The Judges Say

‘A category that continues to grow and become ever more competitive yet producing a repeat of the result in the 2021 Retailer Awards. Little Fine Wine champions its niche with aplomb, featuring an excellent range of half-bottles and a highly personal service’.

How does the Wine Club work?

Our Fine Wine Focus club is a monthly subscription. Each month a different wine region is featured. Customers receive wines, tasting notes and a corkscrew on signing up, plus an optional tasting with me (Director of the company/Master of Wine) and one of the winemakers represented.

There is no obligation to take the case every month; you skip the case if you don’t wish to explore a particular region. We always email at least 5 days prior to the next renewal to let customers know the next set of exact wines. They can add further wines with no extra delivery cost, or amend their subscription, or request a quote for 75cl bottles. Delivery is the next working day.

We also have a ‘Classic’ subscription, bi-monthly or quarterly: a more traditional, rolling subscription to try wines from around the world. That is £66.95/6 half bottles and includes tasting notes, a corkscrew, delivery but no zoom tasting.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of your Wine Club?

Explore fine wines accessible in half bottle, and find favourites

Learn about different regions

Between 1-3 wines monthly are only available to Wine Club members

Subscription offers a saving compared to the value of the wines and delivery (varies every month, usually between 10 and 20%).

The optional tasting is free; we think it’s the best opportunity to spend time, live, with a key winemaker other than visiting the region itself. This year has included Severine Schlumberger (Alsace), Stephen Chambers (Rutherglen), Pieter Walser (Blank Bottle, South Africa). The recording is available afterwards.

Customers can add on wines from our 170-strong range (from £5.95 to £90/half), without paying for delivery. We also provide a quote for the full bottles too when the halves are not enough!

They also find out about limited wines and special offers first

What information do you provide to customers as part of their membership?

  • Food & wine matching
  • Tasting notes
  • Yes, sent out electronically
  • Info on regions and producers  
  • Info on grape varieties  
  • Wine maps

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancel anytime at all, no problem, and through the website yourself (no need to ring us nor email us and wait for our response). It’s immediate. We always write to subscribers five days prior to renewal so they can decide whether to skip or cancel, but they don’t tend to!

The wines need to be:

  • Delicious
  • Great quality
  • A ‘top ten’ wine of its region/type/price bracket and ideally (O)organic, although this is not always possible
  • Typical for where they are from, so you can get to know the region well each month

Do we host any wine events? 

Yes, the virtual tastings that I mentioned above. There is now a live/hybrid option as part of this club so that the members can all meet each other (the live event is twice a year). The first was at Christmas and was a success. This is therefore being repeated later in the summer, as sometimes it’s just better to meet face-to-face!

We won Best Wine Club 2021 at the Decanter World Wine Awards, which was brilliant and we couldn’t have been happier. We didn’t want to change what was working, and we have had a low cancellation rate, so believe that customers are happy.

We’ve added bimonthly options to our quarterly club for flexibility and frequency.

Transit cases are cardboard (no plastic airbags/wrap); just one box rather than double-boxing, unlike some subscriptions, with electronic tasting notes. To minimise paper use, there is no paperwork sent (other than a handwritten gift message). Delivery is the next day. There is always an email from the team to confirm that the wine has been dispatched; we find it’s a small but personal way to contact/service customers.

Why choose the Little Fine Wine Company?

We are proud providers of some of the highest quality wines from various vineyards from all over the globe without charging you the sometimes extortionate prices of some mass-produced brands. When it comes to our half-bottled wines, this is where we specialise in picking some of the best vinifications in order for you to expand your palette and test the multitude of grape and terroir combinations.After winning  ‘Best Subscription Wine Club’ at the 2021 Decanter World Wine Awards, we aim to repeat this feat at the upcoming Decanter World Wine Awards 2022 after another impressive year of providing our customers with a host of the finest wines out there.